Stock Offering Now Available


As most of you know for the past year we’ve been working with a team of close friends to create a new community bank in Ocala Florida.

We have gone from Ten community banks headquartered in Ocala back in 2008… to exactly Zero (once the announced sale of Community Bank is completed in a few months). While several of those community banks failed during the Great Recession, the majority of them successfully sold to larger banks (as is common with start-up community banks).

Community banks are vital to the local economy, they are where most small businesses will get the best chance to grow. Community banks are local decision makers, with local relationships… and Ocala can’t prosper without local banks. We think it is the perfect time to start a new bank in Ocala. That’s why we have chosen to start Silver River Community Bank.

Silver River is being led by Jon Kurtz and Adam Woods (banking veterans who have grown new banks to successful exit before), along with a team of experienced banking professionals and directors.

I’m excited to share with my friends and family we have just received regulatory approval from the Florida Office of Financial Regulation and FDIC to begin raising capital for our new bank. For your review, we are attaching the Offering Circular that describes the investment opportunity (and risks). We are looking to raise a total of $17-$21 million, and individuals can invest a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $2.08 million.

We will be opening the bank at our new location in downtown Ocala (the old Barnett/BofA building across from Harry’s and the new hotel) …. and our plan is to open the bank this August!

If you are interested in learning more about this investment opportunity, we would be happy to talk about it.

If you would prefer to meet directly give us a call at 352-484-4990 and let us know when you would like to get together!

Thanks for taking a look!